Work pays

I can usually tell if I’m going to catch fish or not. That’s not spoken out of arrogance, that’s an admission that the determining factor in whether or not I will be successful is how much work I decide to put into it. If I put in the work, I expect to get one. Still, that doesn’t mean I will, because I don’t deserve to catch a fish any more than a fish deserves being hooked in the mouth while trying to snack.
Same goes for hunting. Great places to shoot deer aren’t always great places to see deer. Road hunting is harder on your tires and brakes than your feet and your knees. But it’s easy, and if you do happen to intercept a deer you’ve experienced the exception, not the rule.
Point is, results are usually dictated by my willingness to work and put forth the effort.
I have buddies who guide fishing charters on Prince of Wales and if their clients want to stay inside where the weather is better, they might be limiting their chances at success. They might keep their breakfast, but miss out on future meals.
That doesn’t mean you can’t catch a king salmon by the cliffs between Craig and Klawock, but the likelihood is diminished.

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