Enough to go around

There’s a lot of money in a lot of places out there.
There’s enough money to buy $5 coffee drinks every morning. There’s enough money to pay for a cruise to Alaska and watch loggers go steel toe to steel toe in Ketchikan, raft down a docile river in Juneau, or take a ride on the train in Skagway, etc. You can order a pair of size 11 Nike Frees from Dick’s Sporting Goods for $89.99 and the “free shipping on orders over $49” only costs $48.02.
There’s so much money, and apparently so little time, you can skip a gym membership, buy 5-minute abs, the perfect pushup, that Chuck Norris total gym board thing, the Magic Bullet blender and you’ll be ready for the beach forever. (If you cut back on the 600-calorie coffee drinks every morning.)
There’s enough money out there to make people like the Kardashians richer than they already were. There’s so much money out there that college dropouts can have millions for programming things, and other college dropouts to have millions for dunking things.
There’s even enough money out there for people to pay full price for a new iPhone.

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