Clearly the right thing

Clarity often comes when we don’t expect it.
It comes because we get overtaken by the slow, sneaky fog of normalcy. It’s not that life inevitably becomes drab, but more that even good routines can have us more focused on the easily visible.
I was thinking about how fast time passes with a buddy of mine over a going-away campfire for another friend last week. We’ve known each other since middle school, but went to different high schools, then came the inevitable change in life afterward.
The thing is, things change so slowly around here, you get to feeling that time moves slower too, but then you realize there is a lot more stuff in the brain’s filing cabinet. That’s probably a good indicator that more time than you thought, or would have liked to, passed.
We talked out the Klawock River. The river itself hasn’t changed, but it took a long time for the path to it to become that worn.

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