There are two types of misery: voluntary and non-voluntary.
You don’t volunteer for the misery of bronchitis, stomach flu or tragedies. That’s life happening to us.
But we do intentionally sign up for things with brutal small print that clearly states this is going to suck.
Voluntary misery is going to the gym. It’s the last two miles of a long run. Or just a two-mile run. It’s the nervous lovesickness before dating and the despondency after dating.
That sort of stuff and everything between is what makes good stories, even if people are laughing at your expense.
Over Labor Day weekend I took a buddy of mine to two of my favorite hunting spots to chase some deer. I spent much of August in the alpine glassing and shooting bucks and he and our buddy Zack got pretty jealous. Zack was going to come on the trip too, but he’s taking college courses and had a field-trip.

Academic Misery.

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