Best Burger in south southeast Alaska

(SitNews) Ketchikan, Alaska – I’m not versed in all things kitchen, so I’m not really qualified to make food judgments that people would take very serious.

That said, I am an expert at figuring out what I like and one thing I do like is a good burger. Not that anyone purposely seeks out bad burgers just to switch things up, but a lot of things have to go right in crafting a burger worth writing about.

There is the light toasting of the bun. The burger to bun ratio. The quality of the bun and burger. But even if those things are in place, the burger can still fail. Some joints insist on ruining a solid foundation with a secret sauce that is publicly poor. Sure it’s perfect for someone else, but I’m not going to subject myself to something I don’t like just because someone else tells me it’s good and right. That’s for elections, right?

Anyway, once the lean ground beef is cooked but still sweating juice, the bun has been browned to prevent all-out saturation, the sauce and fixings added, it’s time for judgment. However, proceed with caution. Some hearty burgers sit like a rock and punish your internal apparatus. A truly great burger satisfies the need for caloric intake, but doesn’t incapacitate.

That all said, if you want a burger, check that, need a burger, you need to go to these places. I could eat one burger per day at these places – until a doctor ordered me to stay away. Sorry Cape Fox, Annabelle’s, Burger Queen, et. al. here are my five favorites from Ketchikan and Prince of Wales.

Feel free to email me and remark about how right I am.

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