Best of the summer…in words

Well, that’s that.
The fireweed is nearly spent. School bells are clearing their throats as the decrescendo of summer hits the lightest of tones.
It’s hard to get a firm grasp on just how ridiculous the last two and a half months have been. You have those expected memories of king salmon, halibut and the first deer or two of the hunting season but the most entertaining moments involve a context. You had to be there – things like a conversation around a campfire, ridiculous impersonations, completely unreasonable fears of crab, sinking golf balls into a life ring, making Oreo McFlurries in your own kitchen.
It’s success, it’s failure, it’s food and friends. As fun as a list of stuff is, it’s the people with whom you share those moments that make a summer, or life, what it is.
Anyway, in a feeble attempt to put words to possibly the best sunny season of my existence, here’s an abbreviated list of highlights with no discernible thread…

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