Winning camping MVP

You never know the circumstances that will lead to the emergence of the camping trip MVP. Sometimes it is as simple being the person who brought the tarp, the Deet, the GPS, trail tape, GoPro, drone or cookies.
There are always moments when the entire thing is on the brink of catastrophe. Things could fall apart. You’re a lost kayak away from Lord of the Flies.
But that’s when champions dig deep, channel their inner warrior and as a team, dominate.
To make a trip successful, there are opportunities for individuals to make a difference. In doing so, the trip is enhanced, and short of a literal catastrophe, you’d have to go out of your way to have a bad time.
When you approach a fork off the main river, the only turn you have to make, you confidently commit everyone because the GPS on your Google Map app has the blue dot in the right spot. And that’s what a leader would do.
The point of heading out into the woods is to get away, but that doesn’t mean you have to ignore comfort and efficiency during your backcountry sojourn.
Bring a Jetboil, or a more efficient water filter and you might just get a couple cookies or candies from a secret stash. Anyone can bring toilet paper, but pack wet wipes, you just might clean up when award time comes.

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