No Father’s Day Funk

In movies, therapists encourage their patients to release their emotions. You know, talk things out. I’ve never been to a therapist, but I have released a lot through writing columns. I probably talk or mention Dad more than anything next to fishing.
This time of year I’m bombarded with Father’s Day ideas, but in 2009, I hugged Mom while my brother scattered Dad’s ashes into a creek. It was Father’s Day. The most memorable of all probably, just because it was so wrong.
I feel like I’ve written this column a thousand times, but every time I check, it’s always different.
There’s always another layer of experience or detail or perspective with which I touch the memories. I guess that shouldn’t be surprising because it’s not a fish or deer, it’s Dad. You have exactly one of those, biologically speaking.
But there are a lot of dudes out there with no present dad. And that’s not easy. I was told after cancer took Dad that life would change, and it has.

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