Solving media bias through skeptical knowing

I’m sorta sick of talk of media bias.
While media outlets are supposed to hold themselves to journalistic standards and objectively report truth, I get it. The media industry is a business. Sell subscriptions, you are in business. Don’t, and you’re not. Certain areas of the country tend to think certain ways and the local media outlets reflect that.
So we, the reading or viewing public, shouldn’t be surprised that angles vary from broadcast to broadcast or paper to paper. The fault lies more in us as a consumer of news for not demanding anything different. We need to treat talking heads like we do outdoor writers. Enjoy it for what it is, but make up our own minds.
You, reader, know that when I write about a 2-foot trout, it was probably 20 inches. When I describe the massive buck I couldn’t get the drop on, you know it wasn’t that big. When I say my hamstrings were overstretched guitar strings about to snap, that just means, “I was sore and feel like whining.”
Easy enough, right?

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