An unofficial title

Bioregionalism sounds very official. It’s got both a prefix and an “-ism.” You think of bioregionalists parking their Prius’s outside of a state building, entering wearing the get-one-free part of a suit deal, then making coffee-breathed, stat-filled statements for the record.
Right? I do.
Of course that’s more a word association than an actual definition. The reality is we all are, or at least should be, bioregionalists. That is, we should care about the political and cultural issues which impact our ecological system.
We have opinions about fish, timber, wildlife and other natural resources because much of the Southeast Alaska economy is dependent on the delicate balance of using, yet preserving these resources.
Clear cuts are an ugly sight. Parents without jobs because mills have shut down is an ugly situation. Steelhead tastes good, but killing them in river systems which have only a few hundred fish returning each year, doesn’t sound smart.

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