Fishing for a good life…

(SitNews) Ketchikan, Alaska – I came across a short video of one of my favorite writers, John Gierach, talking about what it is to be a fishing writer. In the clip, he’s driving to go fishing, so it wasn’t the contrived interview in a stuffy room miles away from where the interviewee wants to be.
He said he’ll never be rich, but that’s not the point.
“[Being a fishing writer] doesn’t make economic sense, except, you’re having fun. You’re doing what other people do on vacation or when they retire, but you’re doing it for a living,” he said.
That’s a little scary though. In commercials, there are people walking around with large dollar amounts they hope to accrue by the time they reach the stereotypical age for Winnebago shopping or booking cruises to southeast Alaska. Savings. I sometimes wonder if I should have a little (probably a lot) more restraint when it comes to my seasonal spending. But I’m having fun and making a little on the side doing it, so it doesn’t take too much to justify a new fly rod.
Anyway, Gierach’s words makes sense to me, in the way that other insight speaks to others.

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