Survival of the… well-read?

Outdoor magazines have lots of pretty pictures of lots of pretty places and animals.
Every year there are a couple that do features on survival, either because this time of year nothing is really going on other than steelhead fishing which the big national publications leave to specialized magazines or it’s cold. Maybe both.
According to Outdoor Life this month the “7 Essential Skills” I “Must Learn” are:

1. Build a smarter survival kit.

2. Splint a sprain or break.

3. Take a shelter fast.

4. Build a fire in nasty conditions.

5. Get found.

6. Find your way home.

7. Develop a survivor’s mindset.

Can’t disagree with any of these. The sarcastic side of me wants to make a comment about why “Get found” and or “Find your way home” aren’t Nos. 1 and 2, but I won’t. (Maybe I just did.)
Anyway, like insurance, you never need outdoor essentials until you do and most Alaskan kids have been making campfires and building shelters in the woods since before they developed senioritis as freshmen.
Or have they?

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