Grad school post: Is it just social media?

As contemporary society moves closer to complete participation in social media at some level, news organizations are utilizing the new modes to reach audiences. Follow writers and papers on Twitter for links to articles, or tag yourself in photos on Instagram. Reaching people has never been easier, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily healthy for the industry.
The craft of photography is being threatened, in the eyes of many, by the ease of one-step editing and filtering by apps like Instagram.
Ethical situations involving photo editing are not uncommon. To change a photo is to alter the reality of a situation. While more sophisticated equipment can get sharp images in a variety of situations, using the filters on to add stylistic elements to images, or using an app itself rather than a “real camera” is a grey area. New organizations are not only at the mercy of staying hip and fresh, but also the limitations of the app designers.
One solution to this is adding a step to the process. I know of numerous publications which take images taken with professional digital cameras, upload the file to a device, then post it on social media.

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