Charging through the block

(SitNews) Ketchikan, Alaska – I’ve always told my students that there is no such thing as writer’s block. It’s merely an excuse for being lazy, a self-induced incapacitation. There is no reason for the inability to articulate what’s going on in your head.
Even though the brain might feel a little more like mashed potatoes than grey matter, it’s still on, it’s still capable, there are still words and experiences and colors and thoughts and reactions.
It’s the functioning brain that keeps you up at night when you’re trying to sleep. It’s the day’s detritus floating in your lake of memory.
You haven’t thought about it since the game ended, but with your eyes closed and in the comfort of your bed, you see your teammate looking to pass, and you can feel your feet chop your pace as you sit in the half-squat of a shooting stance. You receive the pass. It’s soft in your hands. Your fingertips sink into the grips and you rise up as the clock counts down. You free your legs from the tiredness to create something pure that will make a two-point deficit a one-point win. It’s just City League, but it’s still a game, and it’s still a win. All you see is net. All you feel is money.

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