Picture this…

(SitNews) Ketchikan, Alaska – A picture is worth a thousand words. So is the steelhead photo in which the exposure is so off it looks like an ugly, unintentional silhouette – the thousand words are just different.
A trip is not just about the pictures, but a memory isn’t really complete without them.
Left without a frame of reference or guide, the brain can do all sorts of things. (This is why the one you lost is always the biggest). But a picture, even if it’s one of those locked-elbowed, shove-it-at-the-camera types that would make the fish look Biblical if your fingers didn’t wrap around it, takes the guesswork out. It was an exact, accurate moment, leaving just the events leading up to and after, prone to embellishment.
In the world of fishing and hunting there is an understood element of braggadocio. It’s a natural reaction to hold a fish up (and out) and get a shot for the computer archives to go with the one behind your eyes. So naturally, you want it to look good.

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