Grad school post: Ball park franks

One of the readings for my journalism education grad school course was about food safety at sports stadiums. (See link)

The piece is a few years old, but it is in no way out of date and can be easily linked to scholastic journalism. Some of the biggest fundraisers for high school clubs and sports, deal with food. I worked in a snack bar for 10 seasons earning money when I was a high school basketball coach. The food was simple, cooked and we all wore gloves.

There would surely be some potential issues with a high school journalist covering a story here. There are always sensitive areas when it comes to investigative reporting. Without amateurs and volunteers, fundraising would not happen and writing about it might discourage organizations from earning funds this way. Would athletes, parents and coaches be completely forthcoming with information if it would mean loss of revenue or the inability of students to earn money selling concessions in the future? At the same time, isn’t it the role of journalism students to ensure the safety of their readership? There are some ethical issues here.

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