The angry angler

(SitNews) Ketchikan, Alaska – I’m slowly making my way back to my life.
The weekend trip to some river somewhere else was unsuccessful. This somewhere else is my special somewhere else; my clutch somewhere else, my desert island somewhere else. But it let me down, or the fish let me down, or I let myself down or maybe a little of each.
That’s what steelhead fishing is – euphoria with long stretches of failure and coping. Steelhead fishing will cure you of any sort of arrogance, over-confidence or even general self-esteem while ridding you of a healthy back account.
I’m just about done with the grieving process, and figuring out how much this failed trip cost me. I’m not too concerned about it, because the point of having a passion or hobby is not to have it break even on a bank statement, it’s to help one achieve mental and emotional equilibrium while navigating the river of life.
That doesn’t mean it’s not frustrating.
The common defeated angler is the metaphorical equivalent of a volcano.
On one end you have the Mt. Rainier Angler, stoic but potentially catastrophic should it blow its top. It never does…but if it did…

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