Living the stereotype…sorta

The stereotype about life in Alaska is being washed away with each warm rain storm. No matter how many times I tell my friends out in The World that it rains in Southeast, especially Ketchikan, and if it’s not raining, it’s getting ready to rain, they still ask about the snow. Yeah it snows, but not like they think. I don’t take an ice road to work in the morning. But this winter is even more difficult to explain. We’re not supposed to expect nice days this time of year without conditions. If it’s warm, it’s rainy. If it’s clear, it’s bitterly cold. “Nice” is relative. Not this time. Sure there have been cold snaps, biblical rain, flooding and some astounding misery, but the goods have been, well, good. Every once in a while the clouds have relented enough to reveal orange and red of a sunset you can feel. It warms as much as it paints. That’s not the Alaska of the Discovery Channel.

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