Time flies, unless you’re a cactus

A saguaro cactus grows about an inch and a half in a decade, but can live for up to 200 years.
There are plenty of cacti on the campus of the University of Arizona, which looked about the same as when I left more than 10 years ago. Not that I took measurements – it was one of those constants that made campus look just like it did when I graduated.
But there are things which grow much faster.
In that time, half a dozen new dorms sprouted from old parking lots, new eateries surrounded the outdoor burger, sandwich and pizza joints where my buddies and I used to watch basketball games when we were students. My college friends changed, but not too much.
I sat at Gentle Ben’s (a favorite of mine freshman year) with Brett, Lindsey and Rebekah. We shared what happened over our decades and discussed the highlights during a mini-reunion. I was close with Brett and Rebekah from my days at the Arizona Daily Wildcat, the daily newspaper at the University of Arizona. While we waited for late stories, or late games to finish, Rebekah and I would use AOL Instant Messenger to comment on any ridiculous drama unfolding in the newsroom. During her decade she moved to Oregon, won an Emmy for her investigative reporting, moved back to Arizona and is now a mom.
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