Tucson Tour

Tucson has a lot to offer, especially for someone who has spent the last nine months on an  island in Alaska. So in an effort to make my blood type salsa, I’ve been hitting up all the joints we frequented in college.


The chicken burro enchilada style at El Minuto (354 South Main Street, next to the TCC) is exactly as great as I remember it. Anything you order here, get it enchilada style. Great service, great price, great food. What more could you want?


Old Main on the campus of the University of Arizona campus.


There’s a fly shop in Tucson which is awesome.


Buffalo Wild Wings is not a Tucson original, but certainly a signal I’m not in Alaska anymore.


Beyond Bread ( http://www.beyondbread.com ) has a plethora of tasty sandwiches. The place is always busy, but they turn out orders super quick. Any order is a good one here.

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