My life as a double-double* machine

(SitNews) Ketchikan, Alaska – Basketball has always been my favorite sport. I played it in high school, covered it in college, then coached it for a decade.
My career as a player is way over and has been since we lost in the regional tournament (in Kayhi’s gym) a long time ago. I’ve since accepted the unavoidable truth I’m not what I was, and what I was, wasn’t all that special. That became evident my freshman year at the University of Arizona when the best my buddies and I could muster was good, for the middle intramural league.
I’m a once or twice a week guy now and I’m fine with that. City League (or Adult League, Men’s League, Can’t-Let-It-Go-League, whatever you want to call it) is purely for recreation so it’s been easy for me to stay competitive, but maintain perspective.
It’s one of those things you have to come to terms with then decide how serious you want to take it going forward. You should take it serious because you are on a team and it’s understood that the point is to compete. However, the point is to have fun while competing and hopefully staying out of foul trouble.

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