Competitive counting

Motivation to work hard was easy in high school. The reward was an education outside of Alaska, or a win against my rival on the basketball court.
That’s all long gone. Foes are more difficult to find now. Yeah, there’s city league basketball or other competitive organizations, but playing a game is just playing a game. Mental toughness is made in practice when real work happens — not when you arrive, put on your shoes, spend 42 seconds stretching hamstrings and quads, then play. When there is no tangible, specific, short-term, score-based result, the “why am I doing this?” worms around in the mind.
Halfway through my 30 “wall ball” repetitions at the CrossFit gym, it occurred to me that there are easier ways to stay in shape. Running, then throwing an oversized ball against a wall — repeatedly — isn’t necessary. I’ll never be in the CrossFit Games or be a sponsored athlete, so why am I doing this? I’m not a weight lifter. I’m not an endurance athlete. I’m just regular dude who hates things like pull-ups.
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