Relishing the repetitive

Hikes are repetitive – not monotonous, repetitive. After three weeks of hiking around Ketchikan, I’ve found that the elements of hikes are the same as they are on Prince of Wales. Hemlock, spruce, ferns, berry bushes, alpine, stunted trees, slick rocks, muskeg.
It’s the arraignment of those elements that makes it impossible for me to tire of seeing the same stuff.
The middle of September seemed a lot more like the middle of June, so I laced up for a flurry of hikes before the weather turned, the green turned brown and I’d have to do the hikes all over again because it looked different.
I started the weekend on Dude Mountain with two buddies, one from here and one from high school who now lives in New Hampshire.
Dude is my kind of mountain because it’s informal, I use the word “dude” more than I probably should, and I was hiking it with two other dudes.
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