Work now, eat later

(SitNews) Ketchikan, Alaska – All summer I’d been passively seeking to get ahold of a pressure cooker to put up some salmon for the winter. I say passively because though I wanted to do it, I was doing little to make it happen. I talked about it, even made noncommittal plans to borrow one and process some fish with a friend, but it didn’t happen. It’s probably one of those things many Alaskans would be shocked to hear – that someone who grew up in Alaska used mason jars to drink coffee more than preserve fish.
Mom used to make honey and Fireweed jelly, but filets always went into the freezer.
What intrigued me about the process, was not only that I thought it might be column-worthy, but that once fish are pressure cooked, the whole process is pretty much done. It’s just a matter of scooping it out, adding mayo, cream cheese, or just scooping it with a cracker. It’s ready to go. There’s no thawing, waiting, seasoning, cooking then eating. It’s pantry to mouth in seconds. I have prepared a lunch in December already.

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