Unintended consequences

I’m not a Dad. I’m not a Husband. I’m not a doctor of any kind. I’m just an unmarried guy who loves sports, the outdoors and, as a teacher, having the opportunity to maybe help a kid become a better adult.
Three things (at present) about the Ray Rice situation bother me.
The first thing is the abuse itself. I don’t understand it. I’m not going to comment on it because I can’t speak to that particular brand of terrible.
The second disturbing aspect of this is the video itself. Journalistic societies and individual publications have codes of ethics which are supposed to supply guidelines to help make difficult decisions. However, there are paradoxes in ethical decisions. Truth vs. Loyalty. Right vs. Right. Also in codes of journalistic ethics is the pillar of doing no harm. While the video itself is newsworthy and helps bring the violence of abuse to the forefront and might even help the anti-abuse movement gain more traction, it bothers me the degree to which it has been shown – without warning, and on repeat even within the same news spot. I don’t know when the interest of thorough, factual reporting becomes shock for entertainment, but I do know it bothers me that the victim of that punch which rendered her unconscious has to suffer that moment over and over so everyone can talk about Ray Rice’s football future.
Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. If you do decide to go forth, how becomes just as important as what.
Lastly, I hope there isn’t an unintended consequence of all this. Rice’s wife Janay is staying by her husband (she married him after the incident) which is an incredible lesson in forgiveness. What I hope doesn’t happen is that young impressionable kids think that violence, whether emotional or physical is always forgivable. I hope teenagers engaging in their first attempts at love aren’t influenced by this situation or other incidents involving couples into thinking that violence is a normal or acceptable part of a relationship. I hope, if possible, teenagers will look for possible signs before the relationship begins. I hope this will encourage them to stay true to the values they say they will demand in someone, rather than attempting to fix someone like protagonists do in movies.

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