Enjoying new firsts

(SitNews) Ketchikan, Alaska – You can still have firsts, even if you’ve done something before.
I thought about this in depth before my plate of chorizo and eggs arrived, and well after the plate was clean and the coffee cup empty.
I’ve taught high school students before. But it’s different in Alaska.
I’ve been to high school football games before. But it’s different in Alaska. Just about every game in California I had to watch from the snack bar since the boys basketball coaches ran it. So Friday, other than the game itself, the best part was not having to serve chili cheese potatoes to hungry customers or do math to make change.
I have been frequently asked how the adjustment to my new town of Ketchikan and new school is going. When I say I grew up on Prince of Wales, the assumption is it’s easy because I know what it’s like around here. Which I do, but like I said, it’s different now. I’m not 17. I have a load of responsibilities I didn’t when I was in high school, but thanks to where I am as an adult I have a load of possibilities for new firsts too.

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