Last move for a while?

(SitNews) Ketchikan, Alaska – My first memory from college isn’t moving in and shaking hands with my roommate.
It’s sitting at my desk setting up my computer. The door was open because I figured the worst two things I could do as an 18-year old from Alaska trying to adjust to college life in Tucson, Arizona, was to close myself up in my room, or be that guy always on the phone with friends or a girlfriend thousands of miles away. Enticed by the sign on the door which read, “Jeff Lund, “Klawock, Alaska” a short guy walked in wearing a t-shirt and boxers though it was the middle of the day.
“You’re from Alaska?”
“That suuuuucks.”
He walked out.
Carlos and I ended up being friends, but transitions are like that. There are certain mistakes you can’t help but make. Like wearing socks with sandals, staying out in the desert sun too long, eating too much authentic Mexican food before your digestive system is prepared…or being from Alaska.

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