The long road to residency

(SitNews) Klawock, Alaska – In the eyes of the state of Alaska, I am still 1/6th Californian. I’ve been in the state for ten months so I exist, but I don’t yet belong.
Since I’m not patient enough to wait until the one year mark of my return to get the benefits of being a resident, I went ahead and bought my out-of-state hunting license and a $150 deer tag.
While I’ve definitely got the hunting bug, it’s not because I’m a skilled deer hunter. That’s what happens when you draw a section of California with an 8-percent success rate for the three week season. You get good at walking around with a gun, which is decidedly different than hunting.
I’m also not one of those dudes who craves stories about out-crafting the craftiest deer in the woods – probably because I’m inexperienced. I’m looking for the meatiest, dumbest deer with a general apathy toward self-preservation. I don’t have a garage filled with massive racks. I’ve never shot a 4-point which is probably a good thing. It gives me something to (ahem) shoot for, while I get more aquatinted with my inner hunter. Had my first ever buck been something massive I would have had no where to go but down.

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