Same name, new game in Coffman Cove

The sound of an accordion floats from under a sturdy tent on the makeshift stage lit by stage lights and accented by white Christmas lights.
The wind, which is kicking Clarence Strait into whitecaps, blows the sheet music and causes an accidental intermission a few bars into the National Anthem. In true Alaska fashion, there is no panic. The music is secured, the song continues.
For any Southeast Alaska summer festival to be truly, authentically Alaska, rain really should be included, even if it’s never invited and hardly welcome.
The rain started in Coffman Cove on Friday night and only relented a few times during the Fourth Annual By the Sea Arts & Seafood Festival, but that’s what XtraTufs and rain gear are for, right? After all, according to the mission statement, the fair was to “celebrate our marine-based lifestyle within an authentic seaside fair … and to create a sustainable market for our Rainforest Artists and Artisans.”

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