Football isn’t everything in August

This time of year is great. Almost all the important seasons merge to create a fanatical bonanza that can both entertain and feed.
Football season has social media shaking with excitement. I’m trembling with what can best be described as indifference when it comes to the NFL, because it is the preseason. I do love football, though – especially college. Standing in the student section at University of Arizona football games was one of the highlights of my freshman year there, until the team stopped winning and then gave up being competitive my last two years. It was still fun.
When teams are winning, fans get excited and use “we,” as if they are on the team but have been instructed by the coach to buy their own custom jerseys and watch the game from home.
Once the San Francisco 49ers became good again, hordes of Californians I used to call neighbors were re-interested in being super fans. The same can be said about Seattle Seahawk followers in Southeast, though there are the diehards who remember the Dave Krieg and Steve Largent days in the Kingdome. I’ve been a Denver Bronco fan since I was an embryo (Yes, Seattle fans, I did see the Super Bowl) but never reached a fanatical level when it comes to supporting teams – except for perhaps Arizona basketball.

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