Breaking in a greenhorn

(SitNews) Klawock, Alaska – No matter how many dudes from California come up and no many how many times those dudes have been here, it never gets old.
I know it’s not necessarily proper to use the word “dude” in the journalistic world, but I’ll never be mistaken for a sophisticated wordsmith, and “dude” fits what fathers and husbands become when they set foot on an island with more shootable bucks than people.
Troy came up with a duo of veterans, so I kept a close eye on him because the purity of the greenhorn reactions are what it’s all about. They are also a good reminder of what I take for granted.
“Haven’t seen a bald eagle yet.”
“Oh, sorry. I forgot to point them out.”
Two minutes later.
They caught the early flight out of San Jose, so I knew they’d need something to keep them going, so we immediately picked up their fishing licenses and headed to the river. As a special bonus, since dudes tend to like firearms (and fire), I packed my 12 gauge and on the way home, pulled off to one of the shooting pits for some clay target destruction. Troy is an avid duck hunter so he turned into a puppy – happy, excited and doing everything at once.

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