Newest work – August issue of Alaska Sporting Journal

August ASJ

“When the salmon are running, fishermen chase them. When the fishermen are running, well, that sounds strange. The figurative language about salmon doing what they cannot sounds perfectly reasonable when compared to the literal running, on actual legs, fishermen sometimes do….” from When Salmon Anglers Run p. 25

“Yes, it’s awesome, but let’s be honest: it kind of sucks too. You know Alaska is a beautifully colorful place, yet a bleak grey has taken hold. The ocean is colored grey, the sky is grey and closing in, making the spruce trees on the shore tall grey figures. If the wind had a color, it would be grey too. It doesn’t, but it does kick up the grey water into a sloppy mess…” from When The Sea Gets Rough p. 74

“Season edges are the most emotionally compromising for anglers. It’s when any day things are going to start picking up and turn into a full-scale fishing bonanza. But it’s not there yet. Or is it? Sometimes what you thought was the edge, ended up being closer to the peak than you had anticipated…” from Livin’ on the Edge p. 83

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