Losing more than fish

(Jeff Lund, SitNews) Klawock, Alaska – There were two people where I wanted to fish, so I kept walking. I found a spot that looked good enough so I waded out and proceeded to catch nothing. I checked my depth to make sure my gear bag didn’t dip into the water since it’s not waterproof and I’m paranoid after losing an expensive camera to submersion earlier this year. It was dry, but had every zipper open. Lazy.
I didn’t like the spot, so I took off into the woods and started back to my truck. I’d never been on this trail before, because there wasn’t a trail. Thankfully the forest canopy was thick enough to keep the bush growth at bay. Still the going around roots, and small rock cliffs was tough.
I made it back to the truck, threw my junk in the bed and drove a few miles down the road. There was a little gravel edge which wasn’t quite big enough to be a full-fledged fishing pull out. I’d never seen anyone parked there, but wanted to check anyway. The best fishing spots obviously aren’t marked with asphalt parking lots and neon lights.

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