A Saturday Worth Having… on a Wednesday

Summer time in Alaska can be really confusing.
For those on vacation, as long as you don’t pop your first Summer Ale then go over your notes for the meeting you have the day after you get back to the world, every day is a Saturday.
For those involved in the tourism industry your Saturday might come on a Tuesday because your weekend is midweek, which of course conflicts with those on a regular work week. You’re ready to let your hair down while everyone else is settling into the usual grind. This is unfortunate.
If you’re a guide or a commercial fisherman, you get a Saturday every couple of weeks, and it lasts for a few hours including sleep.
The best part of summer is when multiple Saturdays coincide.
If there is one constant when it comes to the steady stream of friends which visits me each summer, it’s that they all vacation pretty well. They leave work at work, home at home and are up for pretty much anything.
The two guys up last week had never been fly fishing before, but we went to the sweet place I wrote about a few weeks ago and brought four dozen fish to hand in an hour and a half. Doctors and therapists should stop prescribing drugs and instead give their depressed patients a fly rod and send them to a place with a ton of dolly varden. It’s intensely fun without being an overwhelming high — an exercise in having a blast appreciating the little things.
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