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(SitNews) Klawock, Alaska – There isn’t any new advice out there, though the ever-growing self-help sections at bookstores and online websites would like to us to believe differently.
Though no one is the perfect example, the best quotes are from those with words they struggle to live. That is, they do better than most at attempting to stitch those words to their soul rather than merely post them as a hashtag. It’s all recycled and decorated with hip, new examples. I heard a bunch of great stuff in grade school and college. Great quotes worth sharing from great and not so great people. The truth is I’ve liked so many more quotes than I’ve used or applied. The reason is probably the speaker. People make the quote.
I wondered what professional basketball player and Ketchikan High School graduate, Damen Bell-Holter would say to the kids at the basketball camp he hosted in Craig.
He stood in front of 19 kids at half court at the end of the day and told them about character, reputation and to write down goals before chasing them. He didn’t brag about what he had done, he gave kids words. The invisible, intangible recipe of a good life which outlive the speaker.
Among other things, he told kids clad in everything from low tops to Lebron’s to “never stop chasing it”. He didn’t mean just basketball because he knows you can’t water your feet and end up 6-foot 9, 245 pounds like he is.

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