A retreat to reheat

CAPITAL CITY WEEKLY – Abe, his wife Julie and I went to the woods to harvest wood deliberately, to cut only the essential dead cedar and see if we could use it to keep warm once winter settles in; it’s never a pleasure to discover there won’t be enough for the season.
Ok, so our retreat into the forest wasn’t at all Thoreauvian because we weren’t looking for an enhanced connection to earth or life itself. We just wanted to find some nice dead trees close to the road, fill my truck, fill their truck, then get back, chop the rounds, stack it and let it get nice and dry for the cold months.
We needed the first part of the wood for heat process. The simple, mechanical process which appears in everything. But the truth is no one enjoys the process. There are simply varying degrees of satisfaction that come with being engaged in it. Much like no one enjoys all those required college classes which have nothing to do with your major, but they are a necessary means to the desired end. Looking back, it’s likely you’re glad you stuck it out, but you certainly don’t point to that “D” in college Algebra you got a year after an “A” in calculus as a high school senior and say, “Yeah, check that out.”

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Well, at least I don’t.


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