Stomaching sour seas


(SitNews) Klawock, Alaska – Chris and Abe were talking about getting seasick as I emerged from the cabin with a sandwich and bag of pretzels. They weren’t going to get sick, but it was the first of maybe three conversations that could culminate in someone getting sick if they keep thinking about it, conditions don’t change or fish aren’t caught.
Chris is from California, and has been fishing for most of his life, but this was his first time fishing for king salmon in the ocean. Before his trip up, the last time we fished together was hardly an adventure. We rounded up a couple buddies after our high school’s football game one night and went night fishing for stripers in the brown, slow-moving San Joaquin River. We sat in lawn chairs and drank coffee to stay warm and awake.
There was no falling asleep that morning Abe took us out. You have to be focused up here. There are waves and the constant threat of fish-related activity. Chris and I coached together before I moved from California, so I equated staying in the boat to playing defense. I told him if you stay in a defensive stance, you’ll blow out a hamstring, groin or a knee. The legs have to be more shock absorbers than anything, and points of contact are important.

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