Best hikes on POW

Summer in Southeast Alaska is a buffet of opportunity. With an extensive road system, Prince of Wales Island is one of the featured destinations for visitors with wheels. It has no tourist hub, center, dock, strip or district, which is what locals like most about it. What it does have is roads. At the ends or just off these roads are some outstanding trails.
It’s tough making lists, because revealing bests means there’s a chance you’re going to ruin the best part about it. My favorite two hikes are routes to great hunting spots. The August version of myself would want to break my laptop if he discovered a printed copy of this column with directions to my favorite trail because August Jeff will be hunting deer there. However, another great thing about POW is that the hikes aren’t all about elevation, difficulty or views. Just because the trail undulates into a rough circle and never escapes the forest doesn’t make it a bad hike.
Anyway, for anyone who visits the island and is looking for some places to walk around, here are five good ones, some of which you can do in the same day. In fact, if you really want to earn a deliciously greasy pizza in Craig, you could knock out three (20-mile spur, Harris Interpretive Trail and One Duck) in the same day.

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