Golf with a disc


The list of things at which I am not very good continues to grow, which isn’t as bad as it sounds.
I’ve always loved fishing, but you need other things, and when expanding your recreational life, chances are you won’t be good at everything.
Some things, you can’t be good at because it’s a one-time deal and doesn’t work into a normal weekend routine. In something like skydiving (which is pretty awesome), the two basic types of accidents are outside your control and thus have nothing to do with skill. The catastrophic type would be the fault of the dude strapped to your back and the other is more of a brain and bowel betrayal than you not being good. Plus, it’s not something you’re going to be able to add to your weekend routine.
Which leads me to my latest potentially habit-forming dabbling. My buddy Corby is a frequent disc golfer and helped spearhead the creation of a course around the high school in Craig. On a warm Sunday afternoon he invited me to partake in what I called “Frisbee Golf” until I was later corrected on Facebook by a disc golf connoisseur who lives in Portland. As is the case, there are recreational types and serious types. People who go to the Innova Discs website and see a Speed 13 Dominator Disc Driver has a -1 turn rating, a glide rating of 5 might say, “Oh yeah, perfect.”
I’d say, “Huh?” There are your extremes.

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