A nostalgic trip to town

Not too busy unless you're from an island.
Not too busy unless you’re from an island.

Klawock, Alaska – I’ve always loved field trips.
They were the highlight of elementary school days. In high school, being on the ferry with just about every school in Southeast on the way to Music Fest in Juneau was awesome. Since cell phones were still the size of briefcases and only rich kids like Zack Morris had them, we talked to each other in person.
One Thursday night in college, my roommate and I decided to take a field trip from Tucson to San Diego and rather than wake up early, we drove through the night and caught up on our rest at the beach.
Even now I get excited for field trips. It’s Friday, and tomorrow I’m headed to Ketchikan for the weekend to stock up on goods and civilization to make it through the summer.
It’s not a big deal, because Ketchikan isn’t Cancun, but there are certain pleasures in changing your setting every once in a while, even if it is just a trip across the strait.

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