April dreams and summer wants


I went to the store to get a jar of spaghetti sauce and saw that there was a meat sale, two ribeye steaks for $10. What better way to celebrate a glorious spring afternoon than grilling some steaks? I still bought the jar, but pasta with venison meat sauce will wait for another day.
Howie and I ate the steak and grilled vegetables on the deck overlooking the calm bay in front of my house. Though it was a Monday, it wasn’t acting like it.
We discussed summer, because as the sunny afternoon indicated, it’s not too far away. I am assuming, of course, that because I said the warm season is close, there will be a cold snap which will kill all that is starting to bloom. I will take full responsibility. No need to send letters.
Anyway, it’s difficult to organize thoughts with regard to the pending summer because there’s so much to do and so much you feel like you’ve deserved to be able to do. They’re called “wants.”
The wants come well after the needs around the house – which come after the need to make money – but on those warm afternoons you can’t keep your thought process from being overtaken by the opportunity of another Alaska summer.

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