A taste of summer in April

(SitNews) Klawock, Alaska – It’s almost 8 p.m. and there is so much light I can’t help but throw up celebratory fists in triumph over my first Alaskan winter since I moved back.
I don’t know if I expected to be locked into a never-ending tussle with the cold damp darkness of winter, or I was just surprised at how quickly the mild season passed. I guess there wasn’t a question that I would make it, but I wondered if my psychological integrity would be compromised. You know, get a little cabin fever, put on a hawaiian shirt, crawl into the fetal position under my desk with a flashlight, flip-flops and stroke my California driver’s license like it’s The Precious.
But I never developed that need for sunlight or depression when it was 3:05 and the sun was already set. The sun just went away, and I spent the next seven hours not coaching basketball, not playing outside, not hunting and not fishing. I think back and wonder, what did I do? I did some reading, some writing some fly-tying and some grad school classwork. I don’t think I watched a lot of TV, but who knows. Either way, somehow the hours passed, the days went and here we are just weeks from June. There are some, some steelhead, Dolly’s and trout in the creeks and the alpine will start its white, to brown to green transition. Not to mention there are a few kings milling around out there.

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