Living the single life

(SitNews) Klawock, Alaska – When you get older, being single becomes funny. At least for some of us.
To a degree you become desensitized to the marriage and breeding happening all around you and since going out and finding someone to marry just so you too can have cute engagement photos on Facebook isn’t reasonable and being bitter sucks, you discover non-destructive coping mechanisms. Like fishing, and humor. 

My college buddy Single Steve lives in San Diego and he’s embraced singledom in a way few have.
He’s promoting his soon-to-never-happen manuscript on his website via twitter:
“…the book is called “Nice Guy Finishes First”. It’s the story of me. Or at least I hope it will be. It’s a classic tale of your average nice guy and his quest to find epic, amazing, life changing love, in his 20’s, 30’s and hopefully not 40’s.”
Funny because we, along with other friends, have reached the age where we can laugh off the dating jargon dispensed freely by all.
“There are plenty of fish in the sea.”
Which reminds me that there are literally fish out there so tomorrow I’ll make a spur-of-the-moment trip to catch them.
“Just be yourself.”
Which of course is cool if you look like the dude who took his shirt off in the latest dystopian or post apocalyptic movie. But we know often times the girl doesn’t fall for the nice guy who treats her right, she falls for the flawed guy she thinks she can fix.
So Steve tweets things like, “At the gym. Trying to be less like me”, and dudes like me laugh because we know we wouldn’t want a shallow chick like that anyway. Dudes are just as bad, proposing to women just because they are wearing camo and holding a fish.

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