Picture this: a steelhead broke my camera

I like to document my life with both words and images. Sometimes I look back at my stockpile of moments just to remind myself certain things did actually happen. I went skydiving once? Really? Good for me. Over the weekend, I set my camera down on a rock. A new-caught steelhead flicked its tail, caught the strap and pulled it into the water.
I panicked.
I pulled the submerged $450 camera from the river, took out the battery, memory card and fished for a little while longer while I processed what happened.
An hour and another steelhead later I went home, removed all the little screws to open the thing and dangled it near the wood stove to dry out what I couldn’t get to myself.
I started the replacement conversation with myself and thought it couldn’t hurt to pass along my non-professional, basic knowledge about photography.
First, good images are more about capturing a moment in a unique way than your equipment. Anyone can walk up to something and snap the photo, but good photography has a multi-layered or dimensional effect. It doesn’t require the “enhance” wand on your cell phone or iPhoto. A good image is a good image.
I am far from a pro, but if time allows, I try to shoot something I haven’t seen, or at least replicate a good idea, a unique perspective, something interesting. You don’t need an expensive camera to be creative.

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