From the 49th

Note: The following is a guest column for the Manteca Bulletin. I wrote for the Bulletin from 2008 until I moved from California in October of 2013. 

It’s Saturday. This morning I woke up, had an omelet made with a couple eggs from a dozen that cost $2.50, filled up my truck ($4.25 a gallon) and drove to the river .9 miles down the road for my 42nd day of fishing so far in 2014.
That’s my weekend now, or my new afternoon recreation after substitute teaching at the school of 143 kids K-12, or the school in the neighboring town which is the largest on the island with 80 students in the high school alone.
A lot has happened since October 1 when I left Manteca. Among other things like driving to Alaska and moving into my old room – I’ve taught with former classmates and I’ve taught the kids of former classmates. I filled my freezer with deer; collected four wolves with two buddies on a trapping adventure; checked shrimp pots even after one of the engines died and the other was coughing; snowshoed up the hill behind town to snowboard down the logging road which has been blocked off for close to a decade; landslides knocked out the power to a town and internet for the entire island; oh, and I joined not only Instagram, but Twitter as well (@alaskalund).

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