A mountain of lies

Klawock, Alaska – There are those who don’t see a point in walking up a trail to stand around for a while, then walk down. Especially if it’s already been done before. So hikers sometimes validate the experience in three misleading ways. Or at least I do.
Misleading reason #1 – “I hike so I can have time to think.”
False. We are constantly thinking, but the real reason behind this claim is that hiking provides the opportunity to over-think – to really socialize with thoughts on everything from how to best fix the front deck to what would happen if you sold everything built yourself a raft and did a Huck Finn. That’s what’s missing from our day, the ability to initiate energy systems to enhance awareness while over-analyzing some aspect of our lives. Ordinary hours only give us time to start getting into something before we are distracted. The phone rings, someone comes over, lunch ends, a new show comes on.
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