If the (snow)shoe fits

My brother bought me a pair of snowshoes for Christmas, but the New Year didn’t bring new snow, so I didn’t have much of a chance to see what the sport was all about.
When winter decided to show up last week, I threw them in my truck and headed out the road to a Forest Service trail half an hour from my house in Klawock.
I like the hike because it’s pretty steep and puts you directly across from some of the tallest peaks on the island. Though it is a favorite of many, I rarely have to share it, which is another bonus.
I strapped on my snowshoes at the trailhead and started hoofing. Though I’ve hiked the trail dozens of times, the whole experience is different thanks to the amount and freshness of the snow. The branches hang lower, light makes it way through the timber at a different angle and of course you’re wearing snowshoes rather then hiking boots or sneakers.
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