My own worst enemy

(SitNews) Klawock, Alaska – Buried deep in the grey matter between my ears was a signal to not do what I was about to. But the warning went unheeded. The level of severity varies when it comes to the subsequent catastrophe and though I’ve promised myself I’d learn, rarely am I able to effectively fend off the temptation.
Such is life I guess.
The problem is that practical solutions to these ubiquitous quandaries are only practical to an outsider, or with the benefit of hindsight.
It’s like the little lie that becomes a huge debacle. Had you just told mom you left the door open and the dog ran outside, you’d get to the consequence a lot quicker than explaining the telemarketer who called during the extremely localized earthquake which opened the locked sliding door were at fault and that you didn’t go outside, your shoes are just on and wet because you took a sauna. Because you’ve got to remember that lie and get it right for dad.

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