Need a Resolution extension

(SitNews) Klawock, Alaska – Almost two weeks after the deadline and I have yet come up with a comprehensive self-improvement plan for 2014 (I learned this from our friends in Washington D.C.). To be sure I am lacking in many critical areas which is the premise for making a resolution but I haven’t yet made a vow. Maybe it’s because I know I am permanently entrenched in imperfection, or because I usually don’t make declarations on New Years. I try instead to address issues or deficiencies as needed rather than wait for the illusion of a clean state coming with a new calendar, but I like the idea of a resolution for the purpose of self-assessment rather than a microscope to seek out maladies. Do that too much and it can be difficult to maintain functional self-esteem. It’s funny to look around and wonder about flaws. You wonder what other people struggle with because there are plenty of times when a flaw seem unique to the sufferer, but even the most specific issues are shared.
If I think enough about it, I start to have issues with motivations for resolutions, possibly as a way to not make them. Why do I want to change, and for whom am I changing? How do you change who you are while remaining who you are? If I did more sit-ups, would I really get girls?…

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