What’s the howling about?

(SitNews) Klawock, Alaska – It occurred to me as I waited for Dave to pick me up to tag along as he and Elijah checked their wolf traps, how really ordinary this was for them and how little I know about the subsistence lifestyle.
I’ve disappeared into the woods seeking deer or fish or just for a camping trip with some buddies in high school, but to have it be a part of my routine, a life outside of an occasional recreational visit interested me.
On the morning of the day everyone would be saying goodbye to 2013, Elijah Winrod, Dave Ryno and I headed north of Klawock to check their traplines. It was evident that they were on a different level of outdoorsing, not that it is saying much because of my 14 years out of the state, but though I grew up here, the here in which I grew up, was different than theirs.
The first day we went to two areas and it was obvious this was a wolf-running trail that looked  like a human running path. They were around.
Dave and Elijah discussed the roaming patterns and how the wolves cycled through areas then we hiked up to muskeg and saw more prints, but no definitive trail. We did see a wolf’s work. A deer had been killed in one area, then dragged into an opening where it was more easily devoured. All that remained was hair and bones scratched by teeth, a reminder that Nature is just a violent and brutal as it is majestic and beautiful…
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